Natasha Beddingfield has released a moving and heartfelt track called
“I bruise easily” and sings that she wants to be “handled with care”.

As the lyrics suggest, all of us can bruise easily when we open ourselves up to a relationship. The trouble is, life is made up of relationships whether it be with family, friends, partners or children, they all make or break our world – and how
fragile that world seems at times!

Here at Connect, we see many people who have had their world broken or damaged and although most of the bruises they sustain are emotional ones that cannot be seen, they are, nevertheless, just as painful.

But there is hope. It is possible to heal and move on, to develop and change. Counselling can sometimes be a way of finding a way through life’s problems.

From the feedback we get from former clients – it can make an enormous difference. We may not be dealing with physical injuries but the pain and desperation is just as real. The following quote is used, by permission, from a client who actually describes her emotional hurts in a physical sense;

“After months of hard, intensive soul-searching where raw wounds were opened up even further, I can finally say that I am leaving you with only a few sticky plasters. The scars, I know, will  remain, but the searing pain is now a manageable dull ache. Connect, like an antibiotic, has
enabled me to heal.”

If you have been bruised and want some help, call Connect on 01276 24210; we care for all kinds of problems, for individuals, couples and families.

Spring Connections 2005